But how?...








...take their own story and launch it into action. We take risks by exploring our stories and make change by sharing those stories with the world.

 I help creatives...




...to their collective story by creating and sharing dance



& BY

the community. 

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What I Believe

 I connect communities...

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Right now, I’m making my own work and finding my own voice by using my platform to engage in co-creating experiences and to share the stories of people who look like me.

I am carving out my own space in the arts and dance ecosystem locally and nationally. Under my self-described “Urban Midwest Storytelling,'' my goal is to reintroduce the original essence of storytelling: to offer insight about life for the sake of helping others navigate their own. Often character based, driven by movement rooted in principles of modern dance, I connect the movement and characters to a “everyman” relatable experience. 

My signature style balances intimate pedestrian gestures and full-body expressions exploding across space while using nuanced character development to convey universal themes.

I use the creative process to find the emotional truth and theme by stripping away a presentational style of creation and leaning into introspection -- most notably by connecting with community members to engage in genuine connection through acts of storytelling, movement workshops and experiences.

Success and excellence reside in the same place. For me, it is being able to provide a platform for Black people -- allowing them to speak and for their stories to be heard without interruption. Success and excellence also mean having the ability to convene black artists across different disciplines to collaborate. By doing this, I believe that I am continuing the legacy of black excellence which is rooted in collective collaboration stemming from art movements such as Hip Hop, Jazz, AfriCOBRA, or Harlem Renaissance. 

I welcome you to my process, my work and more importantly, the conversation we will hopefully have as a result of both.

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