inCOPnegro is an evening-length dance-theatre and podcasting project exploring the concept of “safety” through the lens of storytelling, parenthood, and police relations in Black communities throughout America. The project aims to peel back the stories of individuals on both sides of the “blue line” while Dominic, a new Black father, looks to answer the question, “How do we raise our children in a world where their safety is in threat every day?” Highlighting an all-Black cross-disciplinary cast of seven artists, inCOPnegro and its companion podcast inCOPnegro: Black & Blue are intimate pieces for audiences of all ages.

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The Creative Changemaker

Welcome to The Creative Changemaker podcast! Each episode is a raw, unedited conversation about the deeply rooted topics creative people deal with everyday. This isn't a '7 best ways to ignite your creativity' type podcast. This is a 'your relationship with money is the reason you're a broke artist' type podcast. 

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