Some Stuff I've Made

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Wary of the Wolves


Over the past 12 months our nation has publicly experienced tragedies which have felt all too familiar to a dark part of our history. The deaths of many African American men have created a tension causing our communities to respond both positively and negatively. In this time of mourning, has our anger of injustice made us into the very animals we claim have brought pain upon us? Do we have the capability to recognize the "ravening wolf" inside ourselves when it appears?

Brandenburg's Digress


In our lives, each one of us have been a new member to a pre-existing group of people whether socially, culturally, or professionally. This piece shows the dynamics an individual endures when attempting to fit in and therefore, how they affect the culture of the group

Even There, You Lead Me


Families are the compass which guides us in our brightest and darkest times. This work takes an autobiographical look at the path of accepting your journey and how the decisions we make can affect the loved ones in our lives. 

Da, Da, Da.png
Da, Da, Da


Responsibility, a perceived blessing to those with little and a perceived curse or those with much. This work explores when they are responsible for "too many hats."


2019, commissioned by Akron Art Museum

This work is inspired by two of Jeff Donaldson’s works, “Simba” and “J.D. McClain’s Day In Court”. By choreographically deconstructing both paintings and using those elements as a way to create a three-dimensional painting of a gallery space, “CAUTION” explores the tension between the “black fear”, self-imposed black isolation, and the American myth of the “black male predator”. In the process of creating this work, the questions Dominic posed to himself are, “Why do we find ourselves in the “CAUTION SPACE”, what do people think of us when we are there, and more importantly, how do we get out?


2021, commissioned by Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland

In this original performance entitled Alright? choreographer and dancer, Dominic Moore-Dunson, uses movement to respond to Martin Creed’s neon sculpture, Work No. 3398 EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT. Jazz musician, Tommy Lehman, who has developed the original score for Alright? will accompany Dominic during this performance.

incopnegro 2.png


inCOPnegro is a dance-theater project exploring the dual identities of Black police officers in Northeast Ohio. The project aims to peel back the officers' lives working for a system built to oppress Black People while simultaneously existing in a workplace that oppresses them because of their Blackness.